Language & Autism - Theory - Features

The individuals that I’ve met having the characteristics of autism, each develop with a unique and wide range of traits. Each profile of traits has been pervasive and probably lifelong but never similar to others who have been identified as autistic. Strategies for growth have been more effective when tailored to match each unique profile. Recognizing the features that contribute to a profile of autism have allowed for a more accurate assessment and diagnosis. Recognizing that each of these features has often been observed within a wide spectrum of ability and development has led to a more effective, individualized approach for learning and growth.

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Perspective Information: Perspective taking (Theory of Mind) allows a person to recognize that others have thoughts, ideas, and personal motivation different from their own. Please click on the image for extended discussion.

Social Interaction


Social Interaction: Social interaction can often be awkward, inappropriate, and unsuccessful. Unusual verbal and nonverbal communication can be a cause for limited and difficult relationships with others. Please click on the image for extended discussion.



Anxiety: Events can often be unexpected and filled with sensory unpleasantness. Many psychological and physical symptoms of anxiety may develop as a result. Please click on the image for extended discussion.



Cognition: Learning to think about things, people, and events in abstract ways may be a struggle. Manipulating ideas in order to organize, prioritize and sequence thoughts and actions may be slow to develop. Connecting the details to see the "big picture" may be a difficult task. Please click on the image for extended discussion.



Reading: Word recognition may be an easy task but processing text to determine the message may be limited. Word and sentence meaning may develop but complex and abstract narrative are often undecipherable. Please click on the image for extended discussion.