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Daydraw:  (Printable)
     Strategy/Material Info: Drawings/Fill-ins;  Record/Review;

Waffle Sequence Pictures:  (Printable)
     Strategy/Material Info: Waffle Food Prep Sequence Pictures;  Yummy Waffles Sequence Web Activity;

Waffle Sequence Path:  (Printable)
     Strategy/Material Info: Waffle Food Prep Sequence Path;  Yummy Waffles Sequence Web Activity;

Waffle Sequence Talk:  (Printable)
     Strategy/Material Info: Waffle Food Prep Sequence Talk;  Yummy Waffles Sequence Web Activity;

Where/What/Who Grid: (Printable)
     Strategy/Material Info: Wh- Grid Fill-in;  Wh- Grid Text;  Wh- Grid Color; 


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